Whitefish Point Lighthouse, Museum and Observatory


in the Great Lakes

Whitefish Point Lighthouse – Image by pringfall99 from Pixabay

Whitefish Point Lighthouse

Did you know that the Edmund Fitzgerald, a freighter memorialized in song, was lost off the coast of Whitefish Point on November 10, 1975? It went down in Lake Superior about 15 miles northwest of Whitefish Point Lighthouse.

Whitefish Point Lighthouse is located in Paradise, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula and marks the entrance to Whitefish Bay in Lake Superior. The original tower was first lit in 1849 and was one of the first lights on Lake Superior. The Whitefish Point Lighthouse and grounds are open in the summer for touring.

Other freighters have met a similar fate in this area which is known for its historic shipwrecks. Some of the shipwrecks are in the nearby Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve. Most of the shipwrecks remain undisturbed due to their extreme, underwater depths.

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Whitefish Point Lighthouse – Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum is located at Whitefish Point in a white building near the Whitefish Point Lighthouse. It houses information and artifacts of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.

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Whitefish Point Lighthouse – Photo by Emily Studer on Unsplash

Whitefish Point Bird Observatory

Whitefish Point Bird Observatory is also located at Whitefish Point. Ducks, Loons, Geese, and many other types of birds are counted here during migration, and birdwatching is encouraged. The visitor center can be found across from Whitefish Point Lighthouse.

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