White Pine Trees


in the Great Lakes

Snow-covered White Pine Trees

Photo by Margerretta: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-pine-trees-904398/

White Pine Trees

Eastern White Pine Tree

Did you know that the Eastern White Pine Tree is Michigan’s state tree? It was designated as such in 1955. The Eastern White Pine Tree is a green pine tree with brown pine cones found in both the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. It can grow to be 50 to 80 feet tall or more and was important to Michigan’s lumber industry in the late 1800’s. The scientific name for the Eastern White Pine Tree is Pinus strobus.

Pine Needles – Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

Pine Needles and Pine Cones

Pine needles on a White Pine Tree grow in bundles of five. The pine cones can grow to be up to 8 inches long.

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Pine cones – pexels-thirdman-6499199-2