Great Lakes Freighters

Great Lakes Freighter


in the Great Lakes

Great Lakes Freighter – Photo by Rachel Reinhardt on Unsplash

Great Lakes Freighters

Did you know that Great Lakes Freighters are also known as Lakers? They are used primarily for transporting goods around the Great Lakes. The shipping season runs from late-March to mid-January when winter ice forms on the Great Lakes and makes navigation less feasible. Great Lakes Freighters are also usually referred to as boats rather than ships by their operators.

American Integrity – Sault Ste. Marie, MI – Photo by Chuck G on Unsplash

American Integrity

The American Integrity, shown above, is a 1000-foot freighter built in 1978 that is used for hauling iron ore and coal on the Great Lakes.

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Freighter – Marquette, Michigan – max-bender-brixufunr2s-unsplash